Saturday, October 11, 2008

My dream dress..and only $399 bucks!!

Hey there fellow bridees,

From the very beginning of this planning process I've just kinda gravitated to these "poofy" princess gowns with tons of sparklees, but of course most of the bridal shops are charging outrageous prices that do not fit in my fabulous 13K budget. So you can understand how amazed I was when i found Julius Bridal with their gorgeous gowns at rock bottom prices. Check out the pick of the litter that I've been drooling over for the past few weeks....

I've googled the company and there are several blogs solely dedicated to Julius Bridal. Most of these posts give the the thumbs up, but there was still that small nagging uneasy feeling of purchasing your "dream gown" online, sight unseen. So I gave them a call and spoke with the adorable Renee who very graciously told me that not only do they have a 100% money back guarantee if I'm unhappy (which is unheard of at most bridal shops!!) but all she needed was my measurements and a payment, and my dress would be ready in a few weeks!! So I've got about 15 more lbs to loose and its Julius Bridal here I come!!


Dana said...

Go luck on weight loss. I am still working on mine for my wedding. I am got my dress for 250.00. 399.00 is still a great deal. I just found your blog and will be adding it to my blog roll. Please feel free to visit me at

Fabulous 13k Bride 2009 said...

Dana, thanks for your encouragement.